As you look out over the valley of your life towards the mountains in the distance, ponder these questions:

Carol Harris-Fike pondered these questions and chose to move down from her cliff into this very valley in western Colorado. A little more than 5 years ago, Carol was single and in a very successful lifetime career. And yet, she could not see her life from here continuing in that same direction. Carol chose to bring all of her interests and studies together and... viola... she established a new career, improved her health, married a man who supports her dreams and has his own, published a book, and created a product. She lives her balanced life within her own terms... all because she made a choice to ask some questions and selected a different direction for her life from here.

All of Carol's projects are supporting her ontological coaching career. She is truly living her bliss...

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5 Life Energies: The Choice You Have in How Energy Shapes Your Life © 2009. In the study of ontological coaching, Carol learned how the body, emotions and language are connected and if you shift one, you shift the others. She wrote this book describing how anyone can master the steps to shift his or her life energy. Carol includes true stories of how clients have learned to shift their life energy to better serve themselves and those around them. She presents 10 steps for anyone to use in learning to shift the flow of life energy.

Interview with Carol Harris-Fike

Listen to Patricia Hirsch's interview with Carol, "Using 5 Life Energies in Supporting Clients" from September, 2009.

A JICT Images Kit: JICT Images: Journey with Intuition & Creativity to Transformation © 2010. This box of 72 evocative images with coaching questions and a manual, supports facilitators of groups and individuals in going "to the heart of the matter".

A Writing Community is an opportunity to receive group coaching as you move towards completion of your book. Carol supports you in believing in yourself and the wisdom you have to share with the world. She uses her experiences and research into the self-publishing process from producing her own book in 2009. Carol coaches small groups, with support from guest "experts", all the way through the self-publishing process including tips on marketing.

Speaker/Consultant: Carol is an international speaker/presenter. She is available as a keynote speaker, seminar presenter, and stand-alone multi-day group leader. Carol's presentations are based on the idea that we are whole beings and that our body, emotions, and language are connected... shifting one, shifts the others. She provides a wealth of practices and tools to support participants.